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Disaster Risk Management
Disaster risk management is a comprehensive approach involving the identification of threats due to hazards; processing and analyzing threats; understanding people’s vulnerability; assessingExpand
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Disaster Risk Evaluation – Other Quantitative Methods
Building on the previous chapter on quantitative risk evaluation approaches that are currently practiced in Canada, this chapter examines methods used in other developed nations. In the USA, theExpand
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Acknowledgement of Reviewers
Natural Disasters and Health Risks of First Responders
The main objective of this chapter is to provide information on health risks for organizations responding to natural disasters to ensure better preparedness of their responders. OrganizationalExpand
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An Embedded Systems Perspective in Conceptualizing Canada’s Healthcare Sustainability
Healthcare sustainability has been dominated by a strong fiscal orientation. In an era of budget cuts and staff reductions, the financial challenges in Canadian healthcare are immediate and must beExpand
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Disaster Perceptions
  • N. Agrawal
  • Natural Disasters and Risk Management in Canada
  • 28 March 2018
Generally speaking, perception includes individuals’ subjectivity in terms of how they see or assess the characteristics of a phenomenon. Risk perception is vital to understanding what risks peopleExpand
Addressing systemic challenges to social inclusion in health care: initiatives of the private sector.
This white paper presents the findings and conclusions of Americas Societys research on health care. The goal of this paper is to draw attention to a sample of new practices that increase access toExpand
Risk and Resilience: A Case of Perception versus Reality in Flood Management
Canada’s vast regions are reacting to climate change in uncertain ways. Understanding of local disaster risks and knowledge of underlying causes for negative impacts of disasters are critical factorsExpand
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