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Removal of Textile Dyes from Aqueous Solution using Amine-Modified Plant Biomass of A. caricum: Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies
Adsorption potentials of native and amine-modified plant biomass of Alyssum caricum for the removal of Reactive Green 19 (RG-19) and Reactive Red 2 (RR-2) dyes from aqueous solutions were studied.Expand
Removal of Ni(II) and Cu(II) ions using native and acid treated Ni-hyperaccumulator plant Alyssum discolor from Turkish serpentine soil.
The information gained was expected to indicate whether the native, and acid-treated forms can have the potential to be used for the removal and recovery of Ni(II) ions from wastewaters. Expand
Fatty-acid compositions of Silene vulgaris and S. cserei subsp. aeoniopsis seeds and their antimicrobial activities
subsp. aeoniopsis growing in Turkey by means of GC-MS. The oil yields were obtained 2.9% in S. vulgaris and 2.8% in S. cserei subsp. aeoniopsis. The composition of the fatty acids of the seed oilsExpand