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Recombinant bovine interferon-alpha I 1 inhibits the migration of lymphocytes from lymph nodes but not into lymph nodes.
Recombinant bovine interferon-alpha I 1 (IFN-alpha) was tested for effects on lymphocyte migration into and out of the lymph nodes of sheep. Chronic lymph drainage methods were used to monitor theExpand
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Lymphatic drainage of the peritoneal cavity in sheep.
Lymphatic drainage of the peritoneal cavity has been investigated in anesthetized sheep. Studies involving intraperitoneal administration of a complex of Evans blue dye and bovine serum albuminExpand
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Lymphatic removal of dialysate from the peritoneal cavity of anesthetized sheep.
Several investigators have suggested that the lymphatic circulation reduces ultrafiltration in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). The purpose of this study was to assess lymphaticExpand
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The peripheral lymphoid compartment is disrupted in flaky skin mice
Flaky skin (fsn) is an autosomal recessive mutation on mouse chromosome 17 that causes severe anaemia, forestomach papillomatosis and a papulosquamous skin disease that resembles psoriasis in humans.Expand
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Lymphocyte subset-specific and tissue-specific lymphocyte-endothelial cell recognition mechanisms independently direct the recirculation of lymphocytes from blood to lymph in sheep.
Tissue-specific and lymphocyte subset-specific lymphocyte recirculation patterns have been analysed simultaneously. Lymphocytes obtained from one lymph compartment were directly labelled withExpand
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Non-random recirculation of small, CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes in sheep: evidence for lymphocyte subset-specific lymphocyte- endothelial cell recognition.
The migratory properties of small, CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocyte subsets have been examined in sheep under physiological conditions. Lymphocytes obtained free-floating in lymph were directly labeledExpand
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A dual laser analysis of the migration of XRITC-labeled, FITC-labeled, and double-labeled lymphocytes in sheep.
Substituted rhodamine isothiocyanate (XRITC) has been used to study lymphocyte migration in sheep. After being labeled in vitro with XRITC, lymphocytes appeared in the efferent lymph of single lymphExpand
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Changes in thymic export of γδ and αβ T cells during fetal and postnatal development
The thymus plays an essential role in the generation and selection of T cells and exports approximately 0.5–1% of thymocytes per day in young animals and considerably fewer in older animals. To dateExpand
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Changes in thymic export of L‐selectin+ γδ and αβ T cells during fetal and postnatal development
We have used the technique of in situ intrathymic injection of fluorescein isothiocyanate to examine L‐selectin expression on γδ and αβ T cells immediately after emigrating from the thymus of fetalExpand
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