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Executive pay in Japan: the role of bank-appointed monitors and the Main Bank relationship
The tournament model has the feature that executive compensation depends on the wages paid to workers at lower levels of the corporate hierarchy. The agency model shows that compensation based onExpand
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Effect of green tea and its polyphenols on mouse liver.
Increased consumption of green tea (GT) without enough scientific data has raised safety concerns. Epigallocatechin 3-gallate (EGCG) is the most prominent polyphenol of GT that has antioxidantExpand
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Resveratrol oligomers from Vatica albiramis.
Five new stilbenoids, vatalbinosides A-E (1-5), and 13 known compounds (6-18) were isolated from the stem of Vatica albiramis. The effects of these new compounds on interleukin-1β-induced productionExpand
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Structure-activity relationship of flavonoids as potent inhibitors of carbonyl reductase 1 (CBR1).
Human carbonyl reductase 1 (CBR1), a member of the short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase superfamily, reduces a variety of carbonyl compounds including therapeutic drugs. CBR1 is involved in theExpand
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Japanese Huperzia serrata extract and the constituent, huperzine A, ameliorate the scopolamine-induced cognitive impairment in mice
Huperzia serrata has been used as a Chinese folk medicine for many years. It contains huperzine A, which has a protective effect against memory deficits in animal models; however, it is unclear if H.Expand
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Chemical constituents in the leaves of Vateria indica.
Comprehensive re-investigation of the chemical constituents in the leaves of Vateria indica (Dipterocarpaceae) resulted in the isolation of a novel resveratrol dimeric dimer having a C(2)-symmetricExpand
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Occurrence of C-glucoside of resveratrol oligomers in Hopea parviflora.
Investigation of the highly polar chemical constituents in the stem of Hopea parviflora (Dipterocarpaceae) resulted in the isolation of four new resveratrol derivatives, hopeasides A and B (1, 2)Expand
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Andrographidine G, a New Flavone Glucoside from Andrographis paniculata
A new flavone glucoside, andrographidine G (1), was isolated from Andrographis paniculata together with 13 known compounds, including flavonoids, diterpenoids, and iridoids. The structure of 1 wasExpand
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Novel Flavonoids in Dragon's Blood of Daemonorops draco
The three novel methylene bis[flavonoids] 1–3, the novel 2-flavene 4, the new naturally occurring flavan 5, and the new retro-dihydrochalcone 6 were isolated from dragon's blood of Daemonorops draco,Expand
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Absolute structures of C-glucosides of resveratrol oligomers from Shorea uliginosa
Abstract Two C-glucosides of resveratrol dimers (uliginoside A (1) and hemsleyanoloside B (2)) consisting of enantiomeric aglycones and two C-glucosides of resveratrol trimers (uliginosides B (3) andExpand
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