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A review of biogas purification processes
Biogas is a valuable renewable energy carrier. It can be exploited directly as a fuel or as a raw material for the production of synthesis gas and/or hydrogen. Methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2)Expand
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Thermal and catalytic dry reforming and cracking of ethanol for hydrogen and carbon nanofilaments' production
Abstract Recent research findings published by the authors have shown that stainless steel can be used efficiently as a catalytic precursor for ethanol cracking and dry reforming. This paper providesExpand
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Synthesis of CNT-supported cobalt nanoparticle catalysts using a microemulsion technique: Role of nanoparticle size on reducibility, activity and selectivity in Fischer–Tropsch reactions
Abstract The influence of cobalt particle size on catalyst performance in Fischer–Tropsch synthesis (FTS) has been investigated using inert carbon nanotube (CNT)-supported catalysts. The catalystsExpand
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Fischer–Tropsch synthesis over carbon nanotubes supported cobalt catalysts in a fixed bed reactor: Influence of acid treatment
Abstract The influence of acid treatment on carbon nanotubes (CNT) supported cobalt catalysts for Fischer–Tropsch synthesis (FTS) is discussed in this paper. CNTs were first treated with 30 wt.% HNO3Expand
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Predicting the dissolution behavior of pharmaceutical tablets with NIR chemical imaging.
Near infrared chemical imaging (NIRCI) is a common analytical non-destructive technique for the analysis of pharmaceutical tablets. This powerful process analytical technology provides opportunity toExpand
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Citizen Involvement in Waste Management: An Application of The STOPER Model via an Informed Consensus Approach
/ Waste management planning and implementation is not only a technological issue, but a social and political one as well. In this paper, we discuss a proposal to rethink certain aspects about wasteExpand
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Cohesive, multicomponent, dense powder flow characterization by NIR.
Non-aerated powder flows are frequently encountered in downstream pharmaceutical processes. Such flows occur at the entrance of powder compression units, and their characteristics are of greatExpand
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Co, Ru and K loadings effects on the activity and selectivity of carbon nanotubes supported cobalt catalyst in Fischer–Tropsch synthesis
Abstract An extensive study of Fischer–Tropsch synthesis (FTS) on carbon nanotubes (CNTs) supported cobalt catalysts with different loadings of cobalt, ruthenium and potassium is reported. Up to 30Expand
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Characterization of depolymerized cellulosic residues
SummaryIt is known that dilute acid hydrolysis of cellulose results in yields not exceeding 60–65% of the potential glucose. All the models presented in the literature are based on the sequenceExpand
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Fischer–Tropsch synthesis on mono- and bimetallic Co and Fe catalysts supported on carbon nanotubes
Abstract An extensive study of Fischer–Tropsch synthesis (FTS) on carbon nanotubes (CNTs)-supported bimetallic cobalt/iron catalysts is reported. Up to 4 wt.% of iron is added to the 10 wt.% Co/CNTExpand
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