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Electrochemical properties of metal complexes of dithio-acid derivatives and their application in extraction polarography.
Metal complexes with dithiocarbamic (dtc), xanthic (xan) and dithiophosphoric (dtp) acids give rise to one or more polarographic waves in dimethylformamide and in mixtures of extracting solvents andExpand
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Amperometric DNA biosensor for the determination of auto-antibodies using DNA interaction with Pt(II) complex
Abstract A method of denatured DNA immobilisation on cellulose nitrate film has been developed. A modified film of uniform and stable surface has been used as a bio-sensitive part of amperometric DNAExpand
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Polynuclear copper(II) complexes with polydentate nanoligands on the basis of aminoderivatives of the hyperbranched polyesters
Coordinationally active polydentate nanoplatforms on the basis of amino-modified hyperbranched polyesters containing 7 terminal amino fragments are synthesized. Synthetic procedure is developed andExpand
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Hyperbranched polyester poly(3-diethylaminepropionate)s and their copper(II) complexes: Synthesis, characterization and biological investigation
Abstract New polydentate ligands based on hyperbranched second and third generation polyesters containing terminal (3-diethylamino)propionate fragments and their polynuclear copper(II) complexes wereExpand
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Metal-polymer complexes of cobalt(II) and Copper(II) with hyperbranched polyester polycarboxylic acids
Hyperbranched polyester polycarboxylic acids of the second and third generations for use as high-efficiency complexing agents are synthesized. On the basis of these compounds, new metal-polymerExpand
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Aminosilyl derivatives of hyperbranched polyethers and their metal complexes
Surface modification of nano-sized hyperbranched polymers with the fragments capable of effective complexation makes it possible to synthesize coordination compounds with practically usefulExpand
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Extraction voltammetry of metal complexes with alkylxanthogenates and organic bases
Mixed ligand complexes of nickel, zinc and cadmium and extracts of cobalt, iron and nickel with alkylxanthogenate in the presence of some nitrogen-containing ligands are electrooxidized on stationaryExpand
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Hyperbranched polyester polyacids and their binary systems with surfactants for doxorubicin encapsulation
Abstract Doxorubicin fixation by hyperbranched polyester polyol Boltorn H acid derivatives and their binary systems in the presence of a surfactant (Brij-35, Triton X-100) was investigated.Expand
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