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Construct design for efficient, effective and high-throughput gene silencing in plants.
Post-transcriptional silencing of plant genes using anti-sense or co-suppression constructs usually results in only a modest proportion of silenced individuals. Recent work has demonstrated theExpand
Gene expression: Total silencing by intron-spliced hairpin RNAs
Post-transcriptional gene silencing (PTGS), a sequence-specific RNA degradation mechanism inherent in many life-forms, can be induced in plants by transforming them with either antisense orExpand
The evolution and diversification of Dicers in plants
Most multicellular organisms regulate developmental transitions by microRNAs, which are generated by an enzyme, Dicer. Insects and fungi have two Dicer‐like genes, and many animals have only one, yetExpand
RNA interference‐inducing hairpin RNAs in plants act through the viral defence pathway
RNA interference (RNAi) is widely used to silence genes in plants and animals. It operates through the degradation of target mRNA by endonuclease complexes guided by approximately 21 nucleotide (nt)Expand
On the role of RNA silencing in the pathogenicity and evolution of viroids and viral satellites.
Viroids and most viral satellites have small, noncoding, and highly structured RNA genomes. How they cause disease symptoms without encoding proteins and why they have characteristic secondaryExpand
Nuclear gene silencing directs reception of long-distance mRNA silencing in Arabidopsis
In plants, silencing of mRNA can be transmitted from cell to cell and also over longer distances from roots to shoots. To investigate the long-distance mechanism, WT and mutant shoots were graftedExpand
RNA Silencing in Plants: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
RNA silencing has become a major focus of molecular biology and biomedical research around the world. This is highlighted by a simple PubMed search for “RNA silencing,” which retrieves almost 9,000Expand
The roles of plant dsRNA‐binding proteins in RNAi‐like pathways
Dicers are associated with double‐stranded RNA‐binding proteins (dsRBPs) in animals. In the plant, Arabidopsis, there are four dicer‐like (DCL) proteins and five potential dsRBPs. These DCLs actExpand
DNA demethylases target promoter transposable elements to positively regulate stress responsive genes in Arabidopsis
BackgroundDNA demethylases regulate DNA methylation levels in eukaryotes. Arabidopsis encodes four DNA demethylases, DEMETER (DME), REPRESSOR OF SILENCING 1 (ROS1), DEMETER-LIKE 2 (DML2), and DML3.Expand