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Auxin regulates functional gene groups in a fold-change-specific manner in Arabidopsis thaliana roots
Auxin plays a pivotal role in virtually every aspect of plant morphogenesis. It simultaneously orchestrates a diverse variety of processes such as cell wall biogenesis, transition through the cellExpand
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Deciphering Auxin-Ethylene Crosstalk at a Systems Level
The auxin and ethylene pathways cooperatively regulate a variety of developmental processes in plants. Growth responses to ethylene are largely dependent on auxin, the key regulator of plantExpand
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Cell Dynamics in WOX5-Overexpressing Root Tips: The Impact of Local Auxin Biosynthesis
Root stem cell niche functioning requires the formation and maintenance of the specific “auxin-rich domain” governed by directional auxin transport and local auxin production. Auxin maximumExpand
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A cellular automaton model of morphogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana
Development of organisms is a very complex process in that a lot of gene networks of different cell types are to be integrated. Development of cellular automata that model the morphodynamics ofExpand
Pattern of locally positioned dinucleotides correlates with MicroRNA abundance in plants
MicroRNA (miRNA), short single-stranded RNA, can bind to eukaryotic mRNA and cause its degradation or inhibit its translation. We have analyzed the correlation between context characteristics ofExpand
AGNS—A Database on Expression of Arabidopsis Genes
AGNS (Arabidopsis GeneNet supplementary database) is an Internet-available resource that provides access to description of the functions of the known Arabidopsis genes at various levels—the levels ofExpand
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