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We describe the photometric calibration and stellar classification methods used by the Stellar Classification Project to produce the Kepler Input Catalog (KIC). The KIC is a catalog containingExpand
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Helium Abundance in the Most Metal-deficient Blue Compact Galaxies: I Zw 18 and SBS 0335–052
We present high-quality spectroscopic observations of the two most metal-deficient blue compact galaxies known, I Zw 18 and SBS 0335-052. We use the data to determine the heavy-element and heliumExpand
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The Frequency of Barred Spiral Galaxies in the Near-Infrared*
We have determined the fraction of barred galaxies in the H-band for a statistically well-defined sample of 186 spirals drawn from the Ohio State University Bright Spiral Galaxy Survey. We find 56%Expand
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Ages and Metallicities of Star Clusters and Surrounding Fields in the Outer Disk of the Large Magellanic Cloud
We present Washington system CT1 color-magnitude diagrams of 13 star clusters and their surrounding fields that lie in the outer parts of the LMC disk (r > 4°), as well as a comparison inner cluster.Expand
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A search for old star clusters in the large magellanic cloud
We report the first results of a color-magnitude diagram survey of 25 candidate old LMC clusters. For almost all of the sample, it was possible to reach the turnoff region, and in many clusters weExpand
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Cepheid Calibration of the Peak Brightness of SNe Ia.
Repeated imaging observations have been made of NGC 3627 with the Hubble Space Telescope in 1997/98, over an interval of 58 days. Images were obtained on 12 epochs in the F555W band and on fiveExpand
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Kepler-4b: A Hot Neptune-Like Planet of a G0 Star Near Main-Sequence Turnoff
Early time-series photometry from NASA's Kepler spacecraft has revealed a planet transiting the star we term Kepler-4, at R.A. = 19h02m2768, ? = +50?08'087. The planet has an orbital period of 3.213Expand
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The 4He Abundance in the Metal-deficient Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies Tol 1214–277 and Tol 65*
We present high-quality Keck telescope spectroscopic observations of the two metal-deficient blue compact dwarf (BCD) galaxies Tol 1214-277 and Tol 65. These data are used to derive the heavy-elementExpand
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A Spectroscopic Study of Component C and the Extended Emission around I Zw 18
Long-slit Keck II, 4 m Kitt Peak, and 4.5 m MMT spectrophotometric data are used to investigate the stellar population and the evolutionary status of I Zw 18C, the faint C component of the nearbyExpand
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Astrophysical tests of gravity: a screening map of the nearby universe
Astrophysical tests of modified gravity theories in the nearby universe have been emphasized recently by Hui 2009 and Jain 2011. A key element of such tests is the screening mechanism whereby generalExpand
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