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Measurement of the rate constants for the reactions of the IO• radical with sulfur-containing compounds H2S, (CH3)2S, and SO2
The reactions of iodine monoxide (IO•) with sulfur-containing compounds, which are important for the atmospheric chemistry, are studied. An attempt is made to distinguish between the heterogeneousExpand
Measurements of the apparent rate constant for the reaction of iodine monoxide with chlorine monoxide to form iodine atoms
An apparatus for measuring the resonance fluorescence signals of iodine and chlorine atoms is constructed to study iodine monoxide reaction with chlorine monoxide. A technique using the reaction ofExpand
Kinetics and mechanism of CH3Br, CHF2Br, and C2HF4Br photolysis in the presence of dioxygen under the action of λ = 253.7 nm light
The photolysis of CH3Br, CHF2Br, and C2HF4Br mixed with oxygen under radiation emitted by a bactericidal mercury lamp (radiation intensity maximum at λ = 253.7 nm) has been investigated. Oxygen wasExpand
Measurement of the rate constant of the reaction I+No2+M→INO2+M(M=He, N2, Ar, O2)
The rate constant for the reaction I+NO 2 +M→INO 2 +M is measured in the flow regime with the iodine atoms being recorded by means of resonance fluorescence. The temperature is 300 K and the pressureExpand
Kinetics and mechanism of the photolysis of CF2ClBr exposed to light with a wavelength of 253.7 nm
CF2ClBr mixed with oxygen was photolyzed using a low pressure mercury lamp, and the kinetics of photolysis was studied. The absorption spectra of the starting material and products of photolysis wereExpand
Kinetics and mechanism of the photodecomposition of trifluorobromomethane and tetrafluorodibromoethane under the action of light with a wavelength of 253.7 nm
The kinetics of photodecomposition of Halons CF3Br and C2F4Br2 was studied at different times of the irradiation of a mixture of these substances with oxygen at the wavelength λ = 253.7 nm. KineticExpand
Mechanism of CF3Br Photolysis at the Wavelength of 253.7 nm
The kinetics of the photolysis of CF3Br (Halon 1301) at various durations of irradiation of CF3Br−oxygen mixtures at a wavelength of 253.7 nm is studied. The spectra and absorbances of the reactantsExpand
Heterogeneous Reaction of Dimethyl Sulfide with Iodine Oxide in a Temperature Range of 291–365 K
A reaction of the iodine oxide (IO) radical with dimethyl sulfide (DMS) in a temperature range of 291–365 K was studied using atomic iodine resonance fluorescence. It was found that this reaction wasExpand