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Control of intra- and extra-cellular sulphydryl-disulphide balances with gold phosphine drugs: 31P nuclear magnetic resonance studies of human blood.
It is shown that the monophosphine complex has two binding sites in erythrocytes, probably at the SH groups of glutathione and haemoglobin, and the bis complex solidifies blood via a reductive denaturation of albumin, with the release of OPet3.
X-Ray crystal structure of sodium bis(N-methylhydantoinato)gold(I) tetrahydrate; a linear, planar complex of pharmacological interest stabilised by two nitrogen ligands
The complex formed, in alkaline aqueous solutions, between N-methylhydantoin and AuIII has been shown by X-ray crystallography to be a linear, planar AuI complex, the first AuI complex stabilised by