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The composition of coffee oil and its component fatty acids
SummaryA specimen of coffee oil has been examined with the objective of determining its composition in the light of possible uses of the oil which is recoverable as a byproduct in the soluble coffee
Structure of hydroperoxides obtained from autoxidized methyl linoleate
SummaryA sample of debromination methyl linoleate has been autoxidized to a peroxide value of 671 m.e./kg. at approximately 0°C. in the dark. An essentially pure concentrate of methyl
Photochemical oxidation of fatty acid esters with and without chlorophyll
Summary1.It has been confirmed that the principal products formed in the oxidation of methyl oleate by oxygen under a variety of conditions are predominantlytrans hydroperoxides. However no inversion
Application of tracer techniques to studies on autoxidation reactions
SummaryThe tracers containing deuterium, carbon isotopes, and heavy oxygen that may be applied to the studies on autoxidation reactions are described. The autoxidation of the deuterated compounds