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Unsupervised stratification of cross-validation for accuracy estimation
The rapid development of new learning algorithms increases the need for improved accuracy estimation methods. Moreover, methods allowing the comparison of several different learning algorithms areExpand
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Automated refactoring to the Null Object design pattern
We eliminate null-checking conditionals via refactoring to the Null Object pattern.We introduce an algorithm for automated discovery of refactoring opportunities.We specify refactoring preconditionsExpand
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Automated refactoring of super-class method invocations to the Template Method design pattern
Abstract Context: Implementation inheritance, i.e., overriding of concrete method implementations through subtyping, is prone to potential class contract violations. Call Super is a code pattern thatExpand
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An interactive tool for knowledge base refinement
We present a tool that combines two main trends of knowledge base refinement. The first is the construction of interactive knowledge acquisition tools and the second is the development of machineExpand
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A learning system for ECG diagnosis expert systems
A general purpose learning system for electrocardiogram (EGG) diagnosis expert systems (DESs) is presented here. The main functions of the proposed system are the following: (a) It reads theExpand
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Automated refactoring of client-side JavaScript code to ES6 modules
JavaScript (JS) is a dynamic, weakly-typed and object-based programming language that expanded its reach, in recent years, from the desktop web browser to a wide range of runtime platforms inExpand
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Don't care values in induction
Inductive learning algorithms are powerful tools for the extraction of knowledge from data. Their success in medical domains is well-known. In medical diagnosis domains and generally in real-worldExpand
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