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Innovative Approach for Improvement of an Antibiotic-Overproducing Industrial Strain of Streptomyces albus
ABSTRACT Working with a Streptomyces albus strain that had previously been bred to produce industrial amounts (10 mg/ml) of salinomycin, we demonstrated the efficacy of introducing drugExpand
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A linear plasmid-like DNA was isolated by Agarose gel electrophoresis from a lysate of Streptomyces sp. 7434-AN4 which produces lankacidin group antibiotics. The DNA (pSLA2) with a molecular weightExpand
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Salinomycin Effects on Mitochondrial Ion Translocation and Respiration
The effects of salinomycin on alkali cation transport and membrane functions in rat liver mitochondria have been investigated. After potassium uptake, stimulated by valinomycin or monazomycin in theExpand
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The structure of salinomycin, a new member of the polyether antibiotics
Salinomycin' is a new antibiotic elaborated by the strain of Streptomyces aZbus and has an antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive bacteria, mycobacteria and fungi. Furthermore, salinomycin isExpand
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Structure-antitumor activity relationship of semi-synthetic spicamycin analogues.
Spicamycin, a nucleoside antibiotic containing fatty acids with a variety of chain lengths (C12-C18), showed potent antitumor activity against human gastric cancer SC-9 and human breast cancer MX-1Expand
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Isolation and synthesis of a new bioactive ellagic acid derivative from Combretum yunnanensis.
A new ellagic acid derivative (1) was isolated from the branches of Combretum yunnanensis, and its structure was assigned as 4-(4' '-O-acetyl-alpha-rhamnopyranosyl)ellagic acid by analysis of itsExpand
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Lonomycins B and C, two new components of polyether antibiotics. Fermentation, isolation and characterization.
Lonomycin B (II), C44H75O14Na, m.p. 181-182 degrees C, and lonomycin C (III), C43H73O14Na, m.p 186-187 degrees C, were isolated as their sodium salts from the fermentation broth of StreptomycesExpand
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New morpholino anthracyclines, MX, MX2, and MY5.
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Capuramycin, a new nucleoside antibiotic. Taxonomy, fermentation, isolation and characterization.
A new antibiotic capuramycin was isolated from the culture filtrate of Streptomyces griseus 446-S3 by adsorption and partition column chromatography. Based on its chemical structure being an uracilExpand
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Studies on the biosynthesis of bialaphos (SF-1293). 2. Isolation of the first natural products with a C-P-H bond and their involvement in the C-P-C bond formation.
2-Phosphinomethylmalic acid (PMM) synthase catalyzes the condensation of phosphinopyruvic acid (PPA), an analog of oxalacetic acid, and acetyl-CoA to form PMM. The enzyme was purified approximatelyExpand
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