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Assessment of toxic copper(II) biosorption from aqueous solution by chemically-treated tomato waste
Abstract Agricultural wastes or industrial wastes can be used as biosorbent with quite little processing when they are locally available in large quantities. A great number of studies were done toExpand
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Synthetic fuel production from tea waste: Characterisation of bio-oil and bio-char
Abstract The pyrolysis of tea waste was studied for determining the main characteristics and quantities of liquid and solid products. Particular investigated process variables were temperatureExpand
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Fixed-bed pyrolysis of cotton stalk for liquid and solid products
The pyrolysis of cotton stalk was studied for determining the main characteristics and quantities of liquid and solid products. Particular variables investigated were temperature (from 400 °C to 700Expand
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Biocrude from biomass: pyrolysis of cottonseed cake
Fixed-bed pyrolysis experiments have been conducted on a sample of cottonseed cake to determine the possibility of being a potential source of renewable fuels and chemicals feedstocks, in twoExpand
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Rapid and slow pyrolysis of pistachio shell: effect of pyrolysis conditions on the product yields and characterization of the liquid product
This study reports the experimental results for the pyrolysis of pistachio shell under different conditions in a tubular reactor under a nitrogen flow. For the different conditions of pyrolysisExpand
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Equilibrium and thermodynamic studies of Cu(II) removal by iron oxide modified sepiolite
Abstract This paper presents the adsorption of Cu(II) from aqueous solution by raw sepiolite (RS) and iron oxide-coated sepiolite (ICS) samples. Adsorption of Cu(II) by sepiolite samples wasExpand
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Full Factorial Experimental Design Analysis of Reactive Dye Removal by Carbon Adsorption
The objective of this study was to investigate the removal of Remazol Yellow dye from aqueous solutions by adsorption on activated carbon prepared by chemical activation of sunflower seed cake. ItExpand
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Characterization of bio-oil obtained from fruit pulp pyrolysis
Apricot pulps was pyrolyzed in a fixed-bed reactor under different pyrolysis conditions to determine the role of final temperature, sweeping gas flow rate and steam velocity on the product yields andExpand
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Structural analysis of bio-oils from pyrolysis and steam pyrolysis of cottonseed cake
Structural analysis and the effect of the water vapour on the structure of the products obtained by low temperature thermal destruction of biomass at atmospheric pressure has been investigated. TheExpand
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Comparison between the "slow" and "fast" pyrolysis of tobacco residue
Abstract In this study, the trends in yields and product compositions of slow pyrolysis and fast pyrolysis were determined and compared with each other. Slow pyrolysis of tobacco residues withExpand
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