N'guessan Jean David

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Chrysophyllum perpulchrum (Sapotaceae) is used in the traditional Ivory Coast pharmacopeia to cure fevers. The extract of C. perpulchrum used for this study was the powdered form obtained from the maceration of the dried plant bark in 96% methanol, followed by evaporation to dryness. In the present study, the antioxidative and radical-scavenging activities(More)
  • N J David
  • 1989
Although optokinetic nystagmus was described as a clinical phenomenon over 150 years ago, its neurophysiologic mechanism has provoked ongoing controversies and enthusiasm for its clinical application has been sporadic and tepid. In the past 15 years, improvements in clinical and experimental oculography, neuroanatomy, and single unit neuron recordings in(More)
We are most grateful to Professor C. E. Dent for allowing us to include 31 of his cases from University College Hospital, and to Miss C. M. Harper, who extracted the relevant data from the case-notes of these patients. We also thank the physicians and surgeons of the United Bristol Hospitals for the opportunity to study their patients.(More)
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