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OBJECTIVE Women suffer from minor psychiatric disorders (MPM) more frequently than men. Most of the studies were conducted in England and in the United States and some reported the higher occurrence of MPM among women to be modified by marital status and others by sociodemographic variables. The present study intends to address this question in a developing(More)
Studies of non-psychotic disorders in migrants have shown inconsistent results. This paper reports the findings of a case-control study carried out in three cities in Brazil to investigate the association between migration and minor psychiatric morbidity (MPM). Two hundred and seventy-six cases and 261 controls were selected from a survey of 6740 people(More)
This study focused on the reliability of the DSM-III inventory of psychiatric symptoms in representative general population samples in three Brazilian cities. Reliability was assessed through two different designs: inter-rater reliability and internal consistency. Diagnosis of lifetime (k = 0.46) and same-year generalized anxiety (k = 1.00), lifetime(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the reliability, magnitude and direction of the resulting bias in the application of a screening instrument for mental disorders by considering proxy informants in comparison to primary informants. METHODS Data are taken from a general morbidity community-based survey carried out in 520 randomly selected households of an industrial(More)
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