N. Yu. Sarycheva

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The study examined the effect of an analog to N-terminal nociceptin fragment AcOH × Phe-Gly-Gly-Phe-NH2 on the behavior of albino rats. This tetrapeptide (5 μg/kg intraperitoneally) signifi cantly enhanced motor and exploratory activity in mature rats and in 42-day pups and produced opposite effects in 21-day rat pups, which attests to the complex dynamics(More)
The behavior of CBA mice in the hole-board test and elevated plus maze was studied after intraperitoneal injection of skatole leading to destruction of the epithelium in the main olfactory system. Locomotor and exploratory activity and degree of anxieties were low in intact mice. Anosmia was accompanied by an increase in orientation and exploratory(More)
85 Nociceptin (nociceptin/orphanin FQ), an endogg enous peptide discovered in 1995 by French researchh ers [1], is akin to enkephalins and endorphins. Simii larly to these compounds, nociceptin is excised from a longer precursor during processing and contains a phenylalanine at position 4. However, the first amino acid in the nociceptin molecule is(More)
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