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Track estimation of targets from sensor data is a crucial issue in active dynamic scene understanding. Multitarget motion analysis, where there are multiple moving targets and multiple xed sensors which only measure bearings of the targets, is to associate targets and sensor data, and estimate target tracks based on that association. This is an NPhard(More)
Hardware algorithms have a significant impact on the supercomputing of matrix computation and signal processing. In this paper, we propose a new approach to the derivation of hardware algorithms from recurrence equations, which is based on program transformation, and we also introduce a new representation for hardware algorithms, which we call Relational(More)
A basic framework for the design of a prototype form system, CRAFT, is proposed. CRAFT enables users to create (i.e. define and realize) forms with various structures. Form creation is an integrated concept of form definition and form realization. For form definition, a formal form model is introduced. Form realization is specified by using a create graph(More)
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