N. Yasemin Topaloglu

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In the recent years, the idea of realizing software as a service is getting wide acceptance in the software engineering community. Web services are reusable software components which can be discovered and invoked using standard Internet protocols. The development and use of service oriented systems differ from the traditional approach used in other kind of(More)
Semantic Web evolution brought a new vision into agent research. The interpretation of this second generation web will be realized by autonomous computational entities, called agents, to handle the semantic content on behalf of their human users. Surely, Semantic Web environment has specific architectural entities and a different semantic which must be(More)
Model Driven Engineering (MDE) aims to facilitate building larger and more complex, reliable software systems by introducing a higher abstraction level than the code level. The technical space concept discusses how the basic MDE principles may be mapped onto modern platform support and several technical spaces are proposed to support MDE. In this paper, we(More)
In model transformations, rules handle mapping between source me-tamodel elements and target metamodel elements. There are cases in which more complex structures in the source have to be selected. In some transformation languages, these complex source patterns require decomposition of transformation specifications into multiple rules. This decomposition(More)
Tools are essential for all phases of model driven development, especially for model transformations. We developed a tool to perform model refactorings with model transformations. Design pattern based model transformation is one of the applications of our tool. Our tool operates according to the source and target model definitions which are represented in(More)