N. Yamuna Devi

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Streptokinase is a biological macromolecule involved in dissolution of fibrin blood clot and favourably used in various clinical applications. This protein is poorly expressed in soluble form due to its toxic effects on host physiology. The extracellular expression of recombinant streptokinase (SK) with and without 6xHis tag was obtained by cloning its gene(More)
Diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes is a disease caused due to the increase level of blood glucose. Various available traditional methods for diagnosing diabetes are based on physical and chemical tests. These methods can have errors due to different uncertainties. A number of Data mining algorithms were designed to overcome these uncertainties. Among(More)
Pattern matching, the problem of finding sub sequences within a long sequence is essential for many applications such as information retrieval, disease analysis, structural and functional analysis, logic programming, theorem-proving, term rewriting and DNA-computing. In computational biology the essential components for DNA applications is the exact string(More)
X-ray mammography is the most widely used modality for screening breast cancer in the early stages. Computer aided detection (CADe) systems intend to help radiologists in improving the detection rate. However, the drawback of CADe systems is that they result in a high false positive rate (FPR). In this paper, a new feature-fusion-based system is proposed(More)
Efficient utilization of resources is the key factor for any environment. The grid environment is also more dynamic, it facilitates the movement of resources in and out of the environment flexibly. Hence maintenance of centralized registries is not sufficient for this demanding environment. Here, we propose a new approach for resource discovery which(More)
This paper presents a reconfiguration algorithm driven intrinsic repair as a practical and efficient generic solution for Field Programmable Array Based based Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems. This research deals with the implementation of a real-time adaptive system for fault tolerant FT mission critical applications that can change automatically based(More)
Human interleukin-7 (hIL-7) is a therapeutically important cytokine involved in lymphocyte development and survival. In previous reports, a uniformly poor expression of hIL-7 has been shown in Escherichia coli host with the problem of inclusion body formation. In this study, the role of codon optimization and N-terminus blocking using various solubility(More)
The exponential growth of web arouses much attention on public opinion. The rapid progress of online forums, micro blogs and new reports are having large volume of public opinion information. These are proving to be extremely valuable resources in helping to anticipate, detect and forecast societal events. But most of the online data is unstructured or semi(More)