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Anetoderma is a rare disorder of cutaneous atrophy with loss of dermal elastic tissue. Secondary anetoderma is seen after a variety of dermatoses. We describe a 33-year-old woman with secondary anetoderma after generalized granuloma annulare lesions that were most pronounced on sun-exposed areas.
A 7-year-old girl with a cervical midline pterygium and teratoma is presented. Pterygium (congenital webbing) of the skin is a rare congenital anomaly. Teratomas are tumors formed by pluripotential primordial germ cells that constitute heterogeneous types of tissues foreign to the organ from which they originate. The undefined connection of two conditions(More)
In this research, it was found that the levels of procedural and declarative knowledge of science teacher candidates in Newton’s laws of motion are 10%, 41% and 30%; whereas their success level was found to be 55%. These findings show that students’ success levels do not reflect their knowledge levels. A decline by 31% (66%45%) was observed in students’(More)
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