N. Ya. Gridina

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Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra of RNA isolated from tumour brain (glioma) and DNA isolated from low-dose gamma-irradiated epididymis cells of rats from the Chernobyl accident zone have been investigated in the 700-4000 cm(-1) region. The total absorbed radiation doses were equal to or less than 57 cGy. Observed changes in the FTIR spectra(More)
The data on surface enhanced IR absorption (SEIRA) of nucleic acids deposited on a metal substrate were obtained using FTIR in reflectance mode. A 200-400 A thick gold film on a glass plate was the metal substrate. The approximate enhancement factors of the SEIRA for different vibrations of nucleic acids in our experimental conditions were 3-5. The(More)
This work is devoted to a new approach to use of the inhibitor of glutamate-ionotropic NMDA-receptor – ketamine in treatment of rat malignant gliomas. Optimal ketamine concentrations for inhibition of tumor-associated inflammation in gliomas was found through measurement of blood cells aggregation in vitro in patients with gliomas. For the first time, the(More)
The results are further confirmation of the regulatory function of UEBP, realized through temporary exclusion of protein ligands from the general hormonal biodynamics. The fact that UEBP is found in the soluble fraction of cells rules out the likelihood of mono-oxygenase activity of this protein [2]. Meanwhile there remains the possibility that UEBP(More)
BACKGROUND Colorectal, lung and breast tumors are the most devastating and frequent malignances in clinical oncology. SEREX-analysis of colon cancer leads to identification of more than hundred antigens which are potential tumor markers. With idea that immunoscreening with pool of allogeneic sera is more productive for antigen isolation, SEREX-analysis was(More)
For the development of methods of additional differential diagnostics of gliomas of various grades of malignancy and gliomas and local inflammatory processes in the CNS we studied the intensity of aggregation of peripheral blood cells under the influence of channel blockers ketamine and verapamil. In in vitro experiments, verapamil and ketamine in various(More)
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