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The fallopian tubes are essential for the normal transport of gametes, fertilisation and early embryonic development and transport. Their locomotive force is mainly due to the contractility of the smooth muscle cells, as well as to the ciliary activity of the tubal epithelium. Steroid hormones such as oestradiol and progesterone mediate changes in tubal(More)
C. hepatica were found in 15.8% of wild caught rats. Experimental studies showed that the host reaction started specifically against developing worm as early as the 9th day post infection. Eggs started to develop inside uterus in the 3rd week P.I. The second month of infection was the maximum growth and activity of worm, egglying, severe liver destruction(More)
Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women. Results from experimental studies suggest that tumour progression and metastasis in breast cancer are angiogenesis dependant. The College of American Pathologists has stated that further study of quantification of tumour angiogenesis is still required to demonstrate its prognostic value in(More)
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