N.-Y. Ma

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A general analytical scheme for computing the n-fold convolution of exponential-sum distribution functions has been developed in this paper. The n-fold convolution is first expressed by multiple sums of recursive integrals. These recursive integrals are then reconstructed with a series of delta functions to avoid separations of integrations. Part of the(More)
Comparison of the patterns of episodic secretion of two or more hormones measured simultaneously often suggests that peak levels tend to occur at around the same time. This visual impression can be misleading, however, as some peaks will occur simultaneously due to chance alone. Traditional cross-correlation methods are suitable for evaluating linkages(More)
Although the different anterior pituitary hormones are generally considered to be regulated independently, examination of their patterns in blood suggests that pulsatile secretion of several of these hormones may be synchronized. Traditional methods of cross-correlation analysis may not be adequate for quantifying this linkage. Since some simultaneity may(More)
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