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Three mold strains isolated from soil in the Taipei area of Taiwan were compared with a commercial strain of Aspergillus oryzae for their proteolytic activities in an 18% NaCl aqueous solution system. Among these strains, the one subsequently identified and designated as Aspergillus sp. FC-10 produced protease with superior saline tolerance. In aflatoxin(More)
A novel salt-tolerant protease produced by Aspergillus sp. FC-10 was purified to homogeneity through anion-exchange chromatography, preparative isoelectric-focusing electrophoresis, and gel filtration chromatography, with an overall recovery of 12.7%. This protease demonstrated an optimum pH range of 7.0-9.0 for activity, with a stable pH range of 5.0-9.0.(More)
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