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Previous attempts to determine a profile of the typical patient who leaves against medical advice (AMA) have been largely unsuccessful. The premature separation from the hospital arouses unresolved feelings in everyone involved, including the patient, and is expensive as well. The theory that a patient left AMA as a result of a malfunction in the(More)
—In developing countries, one of the most important restrictions about the economic growth is the lack of national savings which are supposed to finance the investments. In order to overcome this restriction and achieve the higher rate of economic growth by increasing the level of output, countries choose the external borrowing. However, there is a dispute(More)
Three groups of boys included 135 of normal IQ, showing normal activity; 6 were hyperactive and of normal IQ, and 6 showed normal activity but low IQ. Their ability to estimate a 30-sec. interval showed only the 6 normally active boys of low IQ had significantly different elapsed and estimated times. Time estimation is not clinically useful for identifying(More)
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