N. W. Schipper

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In a prospective blind evaluation of multiple colonic mucosal biopsy specimens, 45 clinically well defined patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease (21 Crohn's disease and 24 ulcerative colitis) and 16 control subjects (seven normal subjects and nine patients with diverticular disease) were studied to identify reproducible histopathological features(More)
In a retrospective study on cytological specimens from 86 patients with histologically confirmed invasive breast cancer, the prognostic value of nucleolar morphometric variables was studied and compared with nuclear variables. One hundred nuclei and their nucleoli on each slide were measured with a graphic tablet system at a total magnification of 2800(More)
In 73 CAP-1 treated stage III and IV ovarian cancers, the prognostic significance of morphometric features and cellular DNA content has been evaluated in comparison with histologic type, grade of differentiation and a number of clinical characteristics. Borderline tumours were excluded from the study. Median follow-up was 44 months, median survival time 36(More)
A study was carried out to determine whether it was possible to classify colonic and ovarian adenocarcinomas by their antigen profile. Colonic and ovarian adenocarcinomas were immunostained with a panel of antibodies which have a limited specificity for colon (parlam-4, 19.9, anti-secretory component) and ovary (OV-TL3 and OC125) and the most discriminatory(More)
In endometrial carcinomas, the epithelial area measured by interactive morphometry is an important feature in the classification of tumors of varying histologic grades. This report describes an image analysis technique for the fully automated estimation of the area percentages of epithelium and stroma in tissue sections of the endometrium obtained from(More)
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