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Synthesis of DNA at chromosome ends by telomerase may be necessary for indefinite proliferation of human cells. A highly sensitive assay for measuring telomerase activity was developed. In cultured cells representing 18 different human tissues, 98 of 100 immortal and none of 22 mortal populations were positive for telomerase. Similarly, 90 of 101 biopsies(More)
Internal initiation of translation, a mechanism infrequently used by cellular messages, avoids the requirement of a methyl cap structure for translation of messenger RNAs. The mRNA transcript encoding the DNA-binding protein MYT2 represents one of the exceptional cellular messages that contains an internal ribosome entry site (IRES). The RNA pseudoknot(More)
To test the hypothesis in which polyplex-induced oxidative stress may affect overall transfection efficiency, an antioxidative transfection system minimizing cellular oxidative stress was designed for enhanced transfection. An amphiphilic copolymer (PEI-PLGA) was synthesized and used as a micelle-type gene carrier containing hydrophobic antioxidant,(More)
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