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The metabolic, thermal, and cardiovascular responses of two male Caucasians to 1 2 h exposure to ambient temperature ranging between 28 degrees C and 5 degrees C were studied and related to the respective ambient temperatures. The metabolic heat production increased linearly with decreasing ambient temperature, where heat production (kcal times m- minus 2(More)
Minimally dressed men and women between 20 and 72 years old rested for 2 hr in 28, 20, 15, and 10 degrees C room temperatures (Ta). Older women maintained core temperatures during all exposures, partially due to rapid increases in metabolism. Regardless of Ta, blood glucose levels were higher in older than younger women during the first hour of the(More)
We studied the effects of a 2-h exposure to ozone (0.5 ppm) in 14 nonsmoking males under four environmental conditions (WBGT (wet bulb-globe temperature index) = 64.4, 80.0, 85.2, and 92.0 degrees F). The subjects were divided into two groups, A (n = 8) and B (n = 6). Thirty minutes of exercise at 40% Vo2 max was performed from 60 to 90 min for group A and(More)
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