N. Vila Blanco

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BACKGROUND Various factors markedly affect the onset time and success rate, of peripheral nerve blockade. This prospective, randomized, double-blind study, compared a dose of mepivacaine 300 mg, in a 20 or 30 mL injection volume for sciatic nerve blockade using Labat's posterior approach. METHODS A total of 90 patients undergoing foot surgery were(More)
BACKGROUND Epigenetic regulators (histone acetyltransferases, methyltransferases, chromatin-remodelling enzymes, etc) play a fundamental role in the control of gene expression by modifying the local state of chromatin. However, due to their recent discovery, little is yet known about their own regulation. This paper addresses this point, focusing on(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE At present, tools capable of acquiring heart rate data can be found both in commercial and research fields. However, these tools do not allow users to manage experiments comprising sequences of activities or to store the information needed to perform heart rate variability analysis across different activities. One exception is(More)
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