N. Vijayakumar

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This paper presents a method of applying particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm to a flow shop scheduling problem. Permutation encoding of job indices is used to represent particles. One particle of the initial swarm is generated using NEH heuristic (M. Nawaz, Jr., 1995) and the remaining particles are generated randomly. A continuous swap mechanism is(More)
In this paper an efficient and cost effective WLAN architecture is proposed by combining the beneficial properties of wireless and optical technologies, capable of delivering a data rate up to 1 Gbps per cell in indoor environment. The system uses a hybrid WDM/TDM PON with a remotely pumped Erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) as the fixed infrastructure and(More)
In this article, a novel architecture for full duplex wired and wireless network with optical fiber backbone network is proposed. We employ a dual drive dual port Mach-Zehnder modulator to simultaneously modulate the CW laser source with wired and wireless data, for the downstream link. Light remodulation technique using RSOA is utilized in the upstream(More)
The wireless network based on radio-over-fiber (RoF) technology is a very beneficial solution in order to meet the ever increasing demand for larger transmission bandwidth. In this paper, a cost effective full duplex RoF transport system with remodulation using Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) is proposed. The system is capable of delivering a data rate up to 1(More)
A novel scheme for the integration of Radio Over Fiber technique with WDM-passive optical Networks is presented. WDM Passive Optical Network (WDM-PON) is an emerging solution for the ever increasing bandwidth requirements that can support a large number of users. Wireless communication now relies on RoF technology for meeting increased demand for capacity.(More)
The latest technology that is in step with the growing demand on communication networks is the millimeter wave (MMW) technology that works in the 60 GHz band in radio-over-fiber (RoF) systems. In this paper, a 60 GHz RoF system with a simple frequency up-conversion scheme is investigated such that it can cover greater fiber distances without dispersion(More)
The problem of scheduling in flowshops with the objective of minimizing makespan, total flowtime and completion time variation is studied in this paper. A simple discrete version of particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) is proposed for solving the set of benchmark flowshop scheduling problems proposed by Taillard (1993). The obtained results are(More)
Modeling of non-linear behavior of a laser diode is carried out in this paper. A combined approach of fuzzy logic and neural network is used. An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) based model is trained using experimental data. Theoretical analysis of temperature dependent nonlinearity becomes complex as it requires simultaneous consideration of(More)