N. Verbeek-De Kruif

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We investigated the presence ofBorrelia burgdorferi sensu lato inIxodes ricinus ticks collected in a Lyme borreliosis (LB) endemic region of northern Croatia. Ticks (n=124) were collected at five locations and analysed by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). A DNA fragment from the internal transcribed spacer (ITS2) ofI. ricinus was detected in all tick(More)
A study to evaluate the natural rate of infection ofIxodes ricinus withBorrelia burgdorferi sensu lato was carried out in an endemic focus of Lyme disease in the Trieste area in northern Italy. Two-hundred and twenty-seven ticks collected in ten different stations were tested individually for the presence of the spirochetes using polymerase chain reaction(More)
1. Muhdi K, Edenborough FP, Gumery L, O'Hickey S, Smith EG, Smith DL, Stableforth DE: Outcome for patients colonized with Burkholderia cepacia in a Birmingham adult cystic fibrosis clinic and the end of an epidemic. Thorax (1996) 51 : 374-377 2. Dunne WM Jr, Maisch S: Epidemiological investigation of infections due to Alcaligenes species in children and(More)
Two isolated Baltic seashore populations of Ixodes ticks were studied as vectors of different Borrelia genospecies in Russia by using darkfield microscopy and modified polymerase chain reaction (PCR). In the Kalinigrad region (Kurish Spit, forests near the settlements of Lesnoye and Rybachy), 788 Ixodes ricinus (L.) adults and nymphs were collected by(More)
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