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This paper reports the results of a research study aimed at conceptualizing and developing valid measurements of key dimensions of a strategy construct-termed Strategic Orientation of Business Enterprises. This construct is first defined by addressing four theoretical questions of-scope; hierarchical level; domain; and intentions versus realizations, and(More)
Technology. His current research interests intersect strategic management and information technology. At Sloan, he teaches a course on strategic management and information technology and his research projects deal with the causes and effects of electronic integration and information technology strategy, especially the management of infonnation technology(More)
This paper integrates theoretical concepts from transaction cost economics, organization theory and political economy to develop a conceptual framework to guide research on inter-organizational coordination strategies, particularly those that explicitly leverage IT capabilities. We outline research directions and approaches to bridge the requirements of(More)
and managers at the retailer organization for their support and assistance at different stages of this project. We also thank George John and Akbar Zaheer for insightful comments on earlier versions of the paper. Further, the comments of the Guest Editor – Rita McGrath and three anonymous AMJ reviewers were extremely useful in developing the ideas presented(More)
We also thank the managers in the leading firms in the auto industry both in the USA and Japan for spending time with us and providing the required data and interpretations. Abstract This paper seeks to uncover dominant configurations of inter-organizational relationships across the USA and Japan in the automotive industry. We integrate relevant theoretical(More)
Based on a survey of 90 transnational product introductions, we find that the transnational product development capabilities of organizations significantly depend upon their ability to transfer and deploy tacit knowledge concerning overseas markets. Specifically, we find that organizations which use cross-national teams, teams with members who have prior(More)