N. V. Zagoruiko

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Complexes of DNA with actinocin derivatives containing benzocrown groups at positions 1 and/or 9 of the chromophore were studied by spectrophotometric titration and circular dichroism. The actinocin chromophore and the crown fragments are the DNA-binding sites of the ligands. The mode of ligand–DNA binding is shown to depend on the size of the crown group,(More)
Studies of protein polymorphism, restriction of mitochondrial DNA and karyology revealed two large, divergent groups in Mus musculus s. lato. The first group includes the commensal forms M. m. musculus, M. m. domesticus, M. m. bactrianus and some others; the second group comprises the wild species M. spretus, M. abbotti, and M. spicilegus. M. domesticus and(More)
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