N . V . Shevchenko

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The results of roentgeno-endovascular intervention in nephroblastoma in 31 child are presented. For chemoembolization, suspension of lipiodol and adriamycin was used, for control of the effectiveness of the intervention--the radiopharmaceutical preparation pyrophosphate. After embolization, the decrease in tumor size was noted. This made easier the(More)
We report on the first genuinely three-body K[over]NN- piSigmaN coupled-channel Faddeev calculation in search for quasibound states in the K- pp system. The main absorptivity in the K- p subsystem is accounted for by fitting to K- p data near threshold. Our calculation yields one such quasibound state, with I=1/2, J{pi}=0-, bound in the range B(More)
The chromatographic properties (e. g. thin layer mobility, separation by molecular adsorption and gel chromatography) and the fluorescence parameters of liposoluble fluorescent compounds (LFC) accumulated in the tissues during aging of detached leaves, in autumn leaves of deciduous plants and in the leaves treated with diquat, 2,4-dichloro- and(More)
Photoproduction of η-mesons off nuclei has attracted essential interest during the last decades, experimentally and theoretically as well. Theoretical analysis of (γ, η)-reactions on nuclei is hampered by the three major problems: the unknown off-shell behavior of the two-body γN → ηN amplitude, inaccuracies in the description of the nuclear target as a(More)
A microscopic four-body description of near-threshold coherent photoproduction of the η meson on the (3N)-nuclei is given. The photoproduction cross-section is calculated using the Finite Rank Approximation (FRA) of the nuclear Hamiltonian. The results indicate that the final state interaction of the η meson with the residual nucleus plays an important role(More)
Forty-five patients aged 20-47 years who had mild, moderate, or severe periodontitis and 32 healthy individuals (a control group) were studied during 10-15-day treatment with traditional therapy and combined therapy including the traditional approach and the antihomotoxic agent Traumeel S ointment as a supplement. Increased free radical generation and lipid(More)
An increase in content of acetylcholine (AC) as well as stimulation of choline acetyltransferase and acetylcholinesterase were observed in basal ganglia of rat brain during development of alcohol dependency, thus indicating the activation of the AC structures. Less distinct activation of the AC structures occurred in limbic (frontal) cortex. At the step of(More)
The nuclear reaction e+ 3He+ 4He → e+ 7Be is considered at thermonuclear energies. The motion of the electron is treated within the adiabatic approximation and the 3He − 4He scattering state is calculated using an effective 3He−4He potential constructed via the Marchenko inverse scattering method. The reaction rate thus obtained for solar interior(More)
We consider several nuclear fusion reactions that take place at the center of the sun, which are omitted in the standard pp–chain model. More specifically the reaction rates of the nonradiative production of 3He, 7Be, and 8B nuclei in triple collisions involving electrons are estimated within the framework of the adiabatic approximation. These rates are(More)