N. V. Shevchenko

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We report on the first genuinely three-body K[over]NN- piSigmaN coupled-channel Faddeev calculation in search for quasibound states in the K- pp system. The main absorptivity in the K- p subsystem is accounted for by fitting to K- p data near threshold. Our calculation yields one such quasibound state, with I=1/2, J{pi}=0-, bound in the range B(More)
Tramal, the drug produced by the "Grunenthal" firm (FRG) was used in the treatment of 478 patients with malignant neoplasms. In 24.46% patients, the side effects were noted, which were characteristic of the majority of analgetics and didn't threaten the life. The authors recommend to use Tramal for cupping off the pain syndrome at the postoperative period,(More)
The chromatographic properties (e. g. thin layer mobility, separation by molecular adsorption and gel chromatography) and the fluorescence parameters of liposoluble fluorescent compounds (LFC) accumulated in the tissues during aging of detached leaves, in autumn leaves of deciduous plants and in the leaves treated with diquat, 2,4-dichloro- and(More)
The nuclear reaction e + 3 He + 4 He → e + 7 Be is considered at thermonuclear energies. The motion of the electron is treated within the adiabatic approximation and the 3 He − 4 He scattering state is calculated using an effective 3 He− 4 He potential constructed via the Marchenko inverse scattering method. The reaction rate thus obtained for solar(More)
The rate and pattern of primary postoperative cardiovascular complications were studied in 7,986 cancer patients who underwent thoracoabdominal surgery. The complication rate was 2.99%. The lethality rate in patients with complications was 10.0%. Such factors as the age over 60 years, concomitant heart pathology, surgical manipulation in thoracic cavity and(More)
The activities of antioxidative enzymes (glutathione reductase, glutathione S-transferase) and content of reduced glutathione (GSH), thiocyanate (SCN) and protein were determined in saliva of patients with parodontitis treated with traditional and complex therapy, which additionally included the antihomotoxic preparations Traumeel S ointment, Coenzyme(More)
The results of roentgeno-endovascular intervention in nephroblastoma in 31 child are presented. For chemoembolization, suspension of lipiodol and adriamycin was used, for control of the effectiveness of the intervention--the radiopharmaceutical preparation pyrophosphate. After embolization, the decrease in tumor size was noted. This made easier the(More)
An increase in content of acetylcholine (AC) as well as stimulation of choline acetyltransferase and acetylcholinesterase were observed in basal ganglia of rat brain during development of alcohol dependency, thus indicating the activation of the AC structures. Less distinct activation of the AC structures occurred in limbic (frontal) cortex. At the step of(More)