N. V. Sharapova

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Physiological characteristics of a novel strain of the halophilic alga Dunaliella salina IPPAS D-232 isolated from the hypersaline lake Razval (Sol-Iletsk, Orenburg region) were studied. It was shown that the extract from the cells of this strain manifested antioxidant properties and also antibacterial activity relative to opportunistic bacteria. The(More)
The parameters of blood rheology at constant and varying shear rates in 30 patients with community-acquired pneumonia on a background of hypertension and 30 patients with community-acquired pneumonia during treatment. When recovery of rheological properties of blood disorders are in 39-81% of patients.
Aliovalent metals (d-metals, such as manganese, nickel, iron, copper, chromium, etc.) which are able to change the degree of oxidation, to activate free radical oxidative processes, and to initiate the development of the condition that is currently defined as oxidative stress soundly and which are diagnostic criteria in the prenosological assessment of(More)
The chemical composition of drinking water was studied by some indices: total mineralization, oxidability, harshness by different regional economic areas of an angoindustrial region. The content of trace elements, imbalance of which had been found by earlier studies, was determined. Higher water mineralization was ascertained in the central area, higher(More)
The quality of potable water at the exit point for distribution networks and a network for three zones (central, east and northern) where the Orenburg population lived compactly were studied which showed its difference. The complex anthropogenic and total oxidative loads created by aqueous and air environments were calculated; the maximum values for(More)
The level of cholesterol and its distribution by the fractions of lipoproteins of different classes were studied in the dwellers of an industrial town. The persons living in the residential areas characterized by a high oxidative stress were observed to have higher blood cholesterol levels and dyslipoproteinemia.
There was investigated the effect of chronic Cr (VI) on the content of chromium, iron, copper; zinc, nickel in the blood of rats and activity of antioxidant enzymes of erythrocytes in Wistar rats. The chromium concentration has been shown to increase multifold while the level of other metal is more or less declining. Also it was found a decrease in the(More)
The hair levels of metals were measured in the workers of gas-and-chemical industry. The intensity of oxidative stress was estimated from the activity of antioxidative enzymes in the lysates of erythrocytes and serum gamma-glutamyltransferase. An association was found between the content of the metals under study and the intensity of free radical oxidation(More)
The environmental oxidative burden was established in the eastern, central, and western areas of the Orenburg Region. The rate of serum lipid peroxidation (LPO) processes was determined. The level of cholesterol and its distribution by the fractions of lipoproteins of different classes were studied in the region's residents. The residential areas with a(More)
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