N. V. Satyanarayana

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Most approaches to model interference in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) focus primarily on establishing the basic conditions for successful communication between two nodes. However, no attempt has been made to devise models that arrest the propagation of interference-laden transmissions right at the source. As a consequence, faulty transmissions pervade(More)
A novel stability-indicating gradient reverse phase ultra-performance liquid chromatographic (RP-UPLC) method was developed for the determination of purity of desloratadine in presence of its impurities and forced degradation products. The method was developed using Waters Aquity BEH C18 column with mobile phase containing a gradient mixture of solvents A(More)
Generation of flash X-rays (FXRs) at less than 500 keV is described with emphasis on experimental investigation. The pulser is a Tesla transformer-Water transmission line based pulsed power generator operating in double resonance mode to power a rod-pinch diode. The configuration of aspect ratio reported here falls much below the normally reported ratios(More)
Matrix-based slow release (SR) compressed propranolol HCl (25 mg) suppositories were formulated using PEG 4000 and either stearic acid or bees wax at different concentrations (5, 7.5 and 10%). In vitro studies revealed good slow release characteristics from the suppositories. Their in vivo performances--pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics--were evaluated(More)
In this paper, we propose an architecture for controlling Dynamic Reconfigurable systems. The processor instructions when compiled one by one produces very high delay overhead. If these instructions are converted into a combinational logic then the overhead can be reduced thereby making the system an efficient one. This paper presents a method for creating(More)
Influence of piroxicam (PX) on glibenclamide (GL) induced hypoglycemia has been studied in rats, healthy human volunteers and diabetics. GL per se has significantly reduced blood sugar levels in rats and in humans. PX per se has significantly reduced BSLs, in diabetics, while having no significant influence on blood sugar level in rats and healthy human(More)
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