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This paper studies the behavior of a fixed-parameter technical trading rule as applied to four commodity futures contracts. The evidence suggests that fixed-parameter rules are inflexible, leading to wide swings in performance both across commodities and time periods. Consequently, the paper recommends the use of flexible-parameter trading rules which adapt(More)
Video surveillance in a dynamic environment is one of the current challenging research topics in computer vision. In video surveillance, detection of moving objects from a video is important for object detection, target tracking, and behavior understanding. The present work is about locating a moving object (or multiple objects) over a time using a(More)
—Experiments were conducted to determine exhaust emissions and combustion characteristics of a conventional diesel engine (CE) and high grade low heat rejection diesel engine (LHR) (with air gap insulated piston with superni (an alloy of nickel) crown, air gap insulated liner with superni insert and ceramic coated cylinder head)with different operating(More)
Handwritten numeral character recognition has been an intensive research in the field of artificial intelligence since many decades. This paper proposes a radial basis function neural network model for recognizing handwritten numerals. The geometric shape of handwritten numerals is described by computing a feature vector based on the skeleton of the images.(More)
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