N. V. Paranjpe

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A study was conducted to assess the reliability and validity of the Appropriateness Evaluation Protocol (AEP), the Standardized Medreview Instrument (SMI) and the Intensity-Severity-Discharge criteria set (ISD), three utilization review instruments used to determine whether inpatient care is required. Reliability and validity were assessed for retrospective(More)
Health care costs and utilization by salaried employees and their dependents at a large self-insured midwestern industrial manufacturing corporation were analyzed for the year before employees were first offered a triple option choice. Members had the option of retaining traditional Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) coverage or switching to(More)
Researchers from the Michigan Health Care Education and Research Foundation, a research affiliate of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, compared three focused utilization review (UR) strategies to determine which method most effectively and efficiently identifies nonacute inpatient hospital admissions. Intensity, Severity, Discharge-Appropriateness(More)
A study was conducted to determine which Major Diagnostic Categories (MDCs) accounted for most of the nonessential hospital admissions in 73 Michigan hospitals in 1986. The Intensity, Severity, Discharge-Appropriateness (ISD-A) criteria set was used to identify nonessential admissions. Large concentrations of nonessential admissions were found in medical,(More)
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