N. V. Nanda Kumar

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BACKGROUND In pharmaceutical industries, it is very important to remove drug residues from the equipment and areas used. The cleaning procedure must be validated, so special attention must be devoted to the methods used for analysis of trace amounts of drugs. A rapid, sensitive, and specific reverse phase ultra-performance liquid chromatographic (UPLC)(More)
Tuberculosis is a common disease in India but isolated mediastinal tuberculosis in the form of a tumor has not been described in adults. We are presenting an immunocompetent, elderly male who presented with fever for 2 months. CT scan chest revealed an isolated mass like lesion in the mediastinum, extending to supraclavicular area. Histopathology of the(More)
AIM AND BACKGROUND A stability-indicating gradient reverse phase liquid chromatographic (RP-LC) method was developed for the quantitative determination of related substances of guaifenesin in pharmaceutical formulations. MATERIALS AND METHODS The baseline separation for guaifenesin and all impurities was achieved by utilizing a Water Symmetry C18 (150 mm(More)
In recent years, the science of fractal geometry has grown into a vast area of knowledge, with almost all branches of science and engineering gaining from the new insights it has provided. In this paper modified Sierpinski fractal patch behavior has been presented and discussed. The antenna had a log periodic behavior, the log period being related to the(More)
The effect of serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) injection on the ovarian maturation and spawning of wild Penaeus monodon was investigated. The neurotransmitter was evaluated at 20 μg g-1 body weight (b.w) and 50 μg g-1 (b.w) applied at day 2, 12 and 22. The effect was compared against a control group, which received the injection of the sterile vehicle(More)
CONTEXT Oxidative stress plays a key role in the patho-physiology of hypertension. (-)-Epicatechin has many important biological properties. OBJECTIVE The present study was undertaken to evaluate effect of (-)-epicatechin on protein carbonyl content in gender-based hypertensive patients and normal subjects. METHODS The study was carried out on 83 normal(More)
Introduction: Cleaning validation is an integral part of current good manufacturing practices in pharmaceutical industry. The main purpose of cleaning validation is to prove the effectiveness and consistency of cleaning in a given pharmaceutical production equipment to prevent cross contamination and adulteration of drug product with other active(More)
Chalcones are α,β-unsaturated ketones containing the reactive ketoethylenic group COCH=CH. The chemistry of chalcones has generated intensive scientific studies throughout the world. Especial interest has been focused on the synthesis and biodynamic activities of chalcones. The name “Chalcones” was given by Kostanecki and Tambor. These compounds are also(More)
The objective of the current study was to develop and validate a reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the quantitative determination of process-related impurities and degradation products of rabeprazole sodium in pharmaceutical formulation. Chromatographic separation was achieved on the Waters Symmetry Shield RP18 (250 mm × 4.6(More)