N. V. Kotovich

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Digital image segmentation is broadly used in various image processing tasks. A large amount of image segmentation methods gives rise to the problem of of method’s choice, most adequate for practical purposes. In this paper, we develop an approach which allows quantitative and qualitative estimation of segmentation programs. It consists in modeling both(More)
Various methods have been developed for texture segmentation. Since all of them have their merits and drawbacks, the choice of the most suitable method becomes a nontrivial task. We present a comparative study of texture segmentation methods based on four frequently used texture feature extraction techniques: gray level co-occurrence matrices, Gaussian(More)
A method for calculating the tangent direction for a digital curve on the basis of the Hough transform is proposed. The initial data for the Hough transform are taken from tables of angular intervals obtained from a catalog of digital curves. Such a catalog is constructed for a chosen size of the local window on the basis of a specially developed indexation(More)
In majority of applied pattern recognition systems, the first step of image preprocessing is segmentation. In the present work, we test robustness of four digital image segmentation methods with the aid of our PICASSO (PICture Algorithms Study Software, [1–3] (The report [3] was delivered in English at the PRIA-9-2008 international conference in Nizhni(More)
The paper considers the problem of the segmentation of microscopy images of blood cells, its solution being the first stage of an automated analysis of a blood smear image. The applicability for this purpose of several well-known methods of image segmentation is assessed, and a segmentation method employing some elements of these techniques is suggested.(More)
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