N. V. Khrustova

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The results of long-time research of antioxidative activity (AOA) of lipids from tissues of different species and lines of laboratory rodents are generalized. The classification of lipids according to their ability to inhibit the thermal autooxidation of methyl oleate is proposed. The participation of lipids in low-temperature autooxidation reactions at the(More)
The age changes of the lipid physicochemical characteristics in tissues of the laboratory mice were studied. The reliable age changes of the phospholipid composition in the liver and brain of outbreed mice were revealed. The conclusion was done about the influence of the physicochemical characteristics of lipids on the regulation of the biochemical(More)
Model of neural networks system, in which networks interact by transmission and associative recognition of signals, is studied by computer simulation and qualitative approach. System behavior depends on the value of learning parameter epsilon, which determines the weight of writing in memory of each network every transmissible signal. Two different regimes(More)
Interrelations between the liver index (the relative mass) and various parameters of the liver lipid composition in 9 groups of intact female SHK mice sacrificed at different Seasons and years groups were studied depending on physicochemical characteristics of their lipids. There were revealed correlations between the liver index and the following(More)
The effect of properties of liver lipids on the interrelation between the contents of different lipid fractions has been studied on nine groups of intact SHK female mice. To reveal interrelations, lipids were divided into four groups depending on their antioxidative activity, prooxidant properties, antiperoxide activity, and the content of peroxide in(More)
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