N. V. Besova

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At early embryonal and larval stages of development 7 species of amphibia have been studied. The ultimobranchial anlage and processes resulted in formation of the secretory follicle are investigated. Dynamics on changes of amount of the gland cells and the first appearance of capillaries are analyzed. In Anura and Urodela the anlage of the ultimobranchial(More)
The histological structure of the brain and spinal cord, visual, olfactory, auditory and vestibular analysers, and endocrine organs (epiphysis, hypophysis, thyroid and parathyroid glands) were investigated in newborn rats delivered by females who had been exposed to weightlessness a half of the pregnancy period. Analysers of the flight animals did not have(More)
Histological and morphometrical analysis of the brain and peripheral analyzers revealed proliferative migration abnormalities of brain development and neuron differentiation in mammals during a space flight, which can limit space exploration.
C-cells of Pleurodeles waltilii ultimobranchial bodies (ULT) were studied after a series of two-week spaceflight on the biosatellites. It was shown that under conditions of weightlessness the hypertrophy of ULT and calcitonin secretion activation occurred. Calcitonin accumulated into the ULT which resulted in metaplasia of the surrounding tissues, organ(More)
Using gas chromatography a comparative study of the range and content of individual non-esterified fatty acids in serum of patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 in the third trimester of pregnancy, and healthy pregnant and non-pregnant women has been carried out. In groups of pregnant women there was activation of lipid metabolism, confirmed by(More)
In weightlessness, the skeletal system undergoes substantial alterations in both humans and animals. In particular, the resorption of osseous tissue is intensified, which is manifested in a loss of calc ium by the bones and in their reduced strength [1,2,5]. Many hypotheses have been advanced purporting to explain how the mineral balance is upset under(More)
Formation and differentiation of calcitonin-secreting cells has been studied in human embryos. The cells form from the entodermal part of the rudiment of the last pharyngeal cavity. They do not secrete calcitonin before incorporation into the thyroid gland. The first calcitonin-secreting cells appear in the thyroid gland as a diffuse net. The properties and(More)
Electromagnetic fields are shown not to reduce the viability of amphibian embryos for either a short-term or a long-term exposure. The number of abnormal embryos drops under the influence of electromagnetic fields (a 3-h exposure being the most effective). An increased tempo of embryo development is observed for all times of exposure.
In experiments with rats effects of hypokinesia on the course of pregnancy and the mother-fetus system were investigated. Immobilization in penal-type cages of female rats on days 8 through to 19 of pregnancy gave rise to significant shifts in mother's organism, i.e. retarded body mass gain, mass reductions in thymus, spleen, liver, some other organs, and(More)