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AIM To characterize the pharmacokinetic behavior of oral cyclosporin (CsA) in renal transplant patient, based on through blood concentration (C0) value, and to develop and to evaluate a Bayesian method for the individualized adjustment of CsA daily dose (DD). METHODS Sixty-seven renal allograft recipients (42 men and 25 women) who had been treated with(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify and quantify the influence of different variables on the implementation of pharmacotherapy optimisation measures in hospitalised patients. METHOD Descriptive transversal study. PERIOD 2000-2007. ENVIRONMENT public university general hospital (25,000 patients admitted/year). The Programme implemented to improve pharmacotherapy(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify levels of exposure to cytotoxic drugs among health professionals in order to establish an exposure threshold and implement measures to increase protection and safety. MATERIAL AND METHOD Contamination with 5-fluorouracil, gemcitabine and cyclophosphamide was measured on work surfaces in the following areas: a class II type B3(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess an interdisciplinary programme for the improvement of pharmacotherapy quality and patient safety in patients with chronic renal disease who are treated with erythropoiesis-stimulating agents. METHOD Observational, longitudinal study. Retrospective analysis (period A) and prospective analysis (period B) following implementation of the(More)
Therapeutic results of parenteral nutrition are evaluated by clinical nutritional benefits and by its safety with respect to the potential complications related to the method of administration and its inherent metabolic complications. In this context, a quality control programme was applied retrospectively to 148 patients and was evaluated according to the(More)
The results of a clinical study to evaluate the use of glucose-1-phosphate for phosphate supplementation to a group of 8 surgical patients receiving standardized total parenteral nutrition are presented. Average phosphate (p + 0.001), calcium (NS) and magnesium (NS) plasma concentrations increased during total parenteral nutrition. Positive average daily(More)
OBJECTIVE: To identify the risk factors associated with the duration of emesis after high-dose chemotherapy in high risk breast cancer patients and to assess the predictive performance of a mathematical model. METHODS: Cox regression model was developed to predict the duration of emesis, and different prognostic factors were evaluated: anthropometric(More)
The situation of parenteral nutrition practised in our hospital over one year was analyzed from the standpoint of Pharmacy Services, with a random sample of 26 patients with 322 days on parenteral nutrition. The most important results showed that the degree of compliance of the application sheets was 85.3%. The protocolized nutrient units were used in 80.1%(More)