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Mobile Ad hoc Networks are infrastructure-less networks where each node acts as sender, receiver as well as router for exchange of data. These nodes are usually battery-powered and often they die out before data transmission is complete. These networks are highly dynamic due to node mobility leading to frequent link breaks. This gives rise to added route(More)
The use of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is estimated to bring enormous changes in data gathering, processing and distribution for different environments and applications. However, a WSN is a powerful controlled system, since nodes run on limited power batteries. Prolong the lifetime of sensor networks depends on efficient management of sensing node of(More)
Wireless sensor networks are the networks with wireless sensors disseminated in a region which sense various types of information and then transmit this information to the other nodes or to the final destination. These nodes sense the changes in the physical parameters similar to – temperature, pressure, etc. The data sensed by these nodes are then approved(More)
In wireless sensor network, it is an important task to collect the data periodically from various sensors node for monitoring and recording the physical conditions of the environment. The sensed data must be transmitted and received between the nodes in the network. The Low Energy Adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH) is one of the routing protocol to(More)
A neuro-fuzzy image segmentat ion is proposed in this paper. The given image is clustered by using Fuzzy-C-Means algorithm which is an unsupervised approach. Combining this unsupervised clustering to a neural network with unsupervised learning will lead to unreliable segmentation. Therefore, in the proposed work the labels obtained from clustering through(More)
The perineural epithelial cells of the peripheral nerve sheath in triturus are elongated flat cells with long and thin cytoplasmic processes. Structural characteristics of the processes include a relative absence of common cytoplasmic organelles of the perinuclear cytoplasm but an abundance of vesicular profiles similar to fully formed pinocytotic vesicles.(More)
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