N. U. Bosshard

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An oviposition-deterring pheromone (ODP) of the European cherry fruit flyRhagoletis cerasi L. was isolated from faeces using cellulose and several reverse phase TLC and HPLC procedures. The biological activity was evaluated by means of behavior tests and by electrophysiological recordings from tarsal contact chemoreceptors. The compound was structurally(More)
Chromosomal proteins in the thymus and liver tissues of cattle, sheep, goats and pigs were analyzed electrophoretically. Only minor differences in histone H1 subfractions could be detected between the four species. In the 300 mM NaCl soluble fraction of nonhistone chromosomal proteins (NHCP), tissue- and species-specific qualitative and quantitative(More)
The patterns of nonhistone chromosomal proteins (NHCP) soluble in 0.3 M NaCI of pure inbred chicken lines and their crosses have been analyzed. Within pure bred lines there is little variation of the NHCP patterns, but within cross and between different pure bred lines distinct differences can be detected. Possible practical applications of the analysis of(More)
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