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AIMS The aim of the study was to characterize isolates of lactic acid bacteria from Beyaz cheese and to study some of their technologically important properties. METHODS AND RESULTS Seventy-seven lactic acid bacteria isolated from Beyaz, a Turkish white-brined cheese made from raw ewes' milk without any starter, were classified by phenotypic criteria and(More)
In this study 77 raw milk samples from different regions of Anatolia and 22 pasteurized milk samples sold in Ankara were investigated for isolation of L. monocytogenes. For the isolation of Listeria, each sample was plated directly onto McBride's Listeria Agar (MLA) and on the other hand four processing methods (2 long cold enrichment and 2 shortened warm(More)
20 thermobacteria were isolated from Turkish yogurts and some cultural characteristics of the isolated were determined. It was found that 5d and 61f resembled Lactobacillus bulgaricus. On the contrary, 8b was entirely different from these two types. In this study, G + C contents of DNA molecules, configuration of lactic acid production, DNA homology, LHD(More)
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