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Motor unit action potential (MUAP), which consists of individual muscle fiber action potentials (MFAPs), represents the electrical activity of the motor unit. The values of the MUAP features are changed by denervation and reinnervation in neurogenic involvement as well as muscle fiber loss with increased diameter variability in myopathic diseases. The(More)
In scanning EMG recordings there are more than one motor unit activity which is recorded by concentric needle electrode. Especially for determining features of a motor unit action potential (MUAP) such as phase duration and number of peaks easily, first the other motor unit activities must be discarded. In this study a new method is proposed to determine(More)
In recent years, computer aided diagnosis (CAD) systems are intelligent systems that use digital image processing methods to process radiological images and aim to shorten the diagnosis time. The first essential step of CAD systems is segmentation of specific areas in radiological images. In this study an adaptive segmentation system was developed to reveal(More)
In this study a new dataset are prepared for neuromuscular diseases using scanning EMG method and four new features are extracted. These features are maximum amplitude, phase duration at the maximum amplitude, maximum amplitude times phase duration, and number of peaks. By using statistical values such as mean and variance, number of features has increased(More)
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