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The male-enhanced antigen-1 (Mea-1) gene was previously isolated from a bovine testicular cDNA library. In the present study, we cloned the full-length bovine genomic Mea-1 gene and compared this with the Mea-1 cDNA. The 1035-nucleotide bovine mRNA for Mea-1 (excluding the poly (A) tail) is encoded in three exons distributed over 3123 base pairs of the(More)
We previously reported that materials leached from bioactive glass (BG) and vitamin D3 induced the formation of nodules on cultured periodontal-ligament fibroblasts (PLF). In this study, we have investigated the relationship between the conditions of the materials and nodule formation, analyzed morphologically, and also studied whether the production of(More)
The cell occlusive effects on human gingival fibroblasts of degradable lactic acid-glycolic acid copolymer membranes (noncoated membranes) and membranes coated with a sucrose ester of fatty acid (coated membranes) were studied and compared with those of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (e-PTFE) membranes. The membranes were immersed in a culture medium(More)
The effects of bioactive glass and vitamin D3 on cultured fibroblasts derived from periodontal-ligament, with respect to their proliferation and alkaline-phosphatase activity were studied. The cells were cultured with or without the bioactive glass and/or vitamin D3, then the number and alkaline-phosphatase activity of the cells were measured periodically(More)
Previously, the authors reported that bioactive glass promoted formation of nodules in cultured periodontal-ligament fibroblasts and high concentrations of calcium and silicon were detected in the culture medium. Herein, the effects of bioactive glass, calcium alone and calcium and silicon for formation of nodules on the periodontal-ligament fibroblasts are(More)
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